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Chemistry Now

Science News for Kids

Scientific Calculator Handout

Script for GeoDome


NASA App -- This App provides information about NASA missions as well as related images and videos.

There is a Delicious app but it's still iPhone native
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This site is a great place two find reading materials related to science, particularly space and our Earth. Also allows you to provide material at 3 different reading levels.
This site provides a review of cellular respiration, both Aerobic and Anaerobic.

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I like these Ipads.

Trainings have been great. I'm searching for materials appropriate for Elementary ages. Any suggestions?
Have you looked at the NASA BEST Activity Guides at:

Well, I might as well be the first one to admit that I've lost my iPad already. I guess I didn't really lose it, but my 4 kids took it from me. The 12 year old is sitting on the couch holding it with the rest of the circus sitting around him. They've gone fishing, argued over who's turn it was, read several picture books, argued over who's turn it was, drawn, argued over who's turn it was, played air hockey, argued over who's turn it was, Lord knows what else, and now they're all recording their voices as they are all singing into it at the same time... my head hurts... NO, it's not from too many nights in West Chester either. Is there money available in the grant to provide the counseling and therapy that will be needed to maintain my sanity. Seriously though, before I came home I loaded a variety of age leveled apps. My kids are 4, 6, 8, & 12 and I'm amazed at how easily each of them was able to almost instantly & intuitively use it. It's got my wheels spinning as to how I could use this technology in my classroom as a single device or (wishful thinking) a class set.
~Thanks again, Kevin J. Harris, Williamsport Area School District