The new STEM Grant has been approved, though unfortunately, not at the funding level we requested. This page will provide information about the new grant activities.

Seven Copies of the New Grant Proposal Ready for Packing
Packed and Ready to Submit to Harrisburg

For the purpose of planning (Goddard & Immaculata) we need to list everyone by level. For the grant purpose we will use the following grades and levels:
Elementary - Grade 3, 4 & 5Middle School - Grade 6, 7 & 8 High School - Grade 9, 10, 11 & 12

Goddard 2013:
Trip #1: June 19-20 Check in at Hotel 6/18/13 after 3PM
Trip #2: June 26-28 Check in at Hotel 6/25/13 after 3PM
Trip #3: July 10-12 Check in at Hotel 7/9/13 after 3PM
Trip #4: July 17-19 Check in at Hotel 7/16/13 after 3PM
Hotel: Holiday Inn, Greenbelt, MD

Immaculata Institute
Session will run July 29 - Aug 2nd 8:00AM - 4:10PM daily
Unviersity link:
Follow Up sessions
We hope to have follow up sessions running the week after Immacualta (week of August 5th and again the week of August 12th). The plan will have various sites running so if you can not make one you can possibly attend another site to fulfill grant requirements.

Possibe SOI Week:
We have penciled in July 22 - 26 as the SOI week.Please let your coordinator know if you are interested in running a "Summer Of Innovation" program this summer.