Goddard Resources Summer 2011

NASA App Development for iPad

NASA Link to iPad App Development

NASA App Development f

NASA Contact: ToddToth

NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
Greenbelt, MD 20771

Pictures from Goddard (Green Laser too)

Goddard / Immaculata Images

NASA Aerospace Education Specialists (AESP) Contacts

Sonya Williams: sonya.r.williams@nasa.gov
Rachelle O Black: rachelle.oblack@nasa.gov
Thomas Estill: thomas.j.estill@nasa.gov

Dr. Shirley Campbell: shir@mac.com

NASA AESP PowerPoints

NASA Rocket Guide

Complete SOI Rocket Guide

Solar System NASA

NASA Exploring the Moon Guide

NASA Large file / video links

What We Do At Goddard
NASA Real World Robotics
NASA High Power Rocket Launcher

Creaters Keynote ppt
Craters Keynote Presentation

NASA Neon Website
NEON group name: PA3 SOI

NASA Goddard Digital Learning Network

HOW - History of Winter program / application 2012

Odds & Ends: links, activities, videos

NASA Teaching Materials
Goddard James Webb site
Hubble Space Telescope
Inside the Space Station
James Webb Space Telescope
Goddard Hallway of Horrors
UV Beads Demo
Halloween Solar Storm 2003
Moon Crater Activity
(Very good)
NASA Robonaut Hand demo

Brushbot Zen Garden

Hubble vs. James Webb Space Telescope


NPP Joint Climate Project

NPPy The Bear

NASA Explorer School Program

Solar System Update

Mars: SAM Mission Information and Landing Site Activity

Mars PowerPoint

Astrophysics: After School Universe Activity

Instructions for the Element Trail Mix activity (including key and worksheet):

Instructions for an alternate activity using beads instead of food items (also including key and worksheet):

Instructions for the Spectroscope activity (including handout):

Also, in case you'd like to add links to some of our programs (and haven't already), here they are:

Sounding Rocket Video - Dr. Phil Chamberlin

Sounding Rocket


Bike Pump Rocket Launcher

UV Bead Information

Electromagnetic Spectrum Activity

Light PowerPoint STScI

Heliophysics / Space Weather

Space Weather Action Center
Space Weather Action Viewer
(slow load - very robust site)

BEST (Beginning Engineering, Science & Technology) Activity

NASA BEST Program video - Graphing

What is Engineering


BEST Graphing


NASA Spinoff Technologies


NASA Planetary Information for Teachers

Infrared Camera lessons and activities


PowerPoints Presented at Goddard

James Webb Space Telescope Fun Pad - Elementary Level

How to go to the bathroom in Space

Space Suit Mechanics

How to scratch your nose with a space suit on

Mars Round Trip

Moon Images showing various mineral deposits



From Shirley Campbell

has both the 2 "coffee can" activity and the tubing around the arm activity.

has the activity with the black and white construction paper envelopes.

If there is anything you want posted that is not here send me an email - Todd (see email address at top of page)