Resources for our 2012 Summer Content Institute at Immaculata University

Monthly Workshops--Eastern Region (2012-2013) -Eileen Hotte

Projectile Motion Data

Physics of the Roller Coaster - Eileen Hotte

Data for Eastern Region August 9-10 Immaculata Follow-up:

Videos of Physics of Paper Roller Coaster

High School Group 2
High School Group 1
Middle School Group 2a
Middle School Group 2
Middle School Group 1a
Middle School Group 1

Unit Development - Stan Terzopolos

National Science Standards

Pennsylvania Standards

Content Area Tools

Web 2.0 for Science Educators
Web 2.0 for Mathematics Educators

Web 2.0 - KC Testerman

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Math - Molli Jones

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Sound - Katrina Pitt

Chemistry - Charles Mahler

Carl Pratt